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NFL spells out differences between broadcasting in the US and the UK

The subtle and not-so-subtle differences between the US and the UK are shown up by the NFL’s attempt to bring American football to British fans.

Digital Sport Insider: Tottenham leave Wembley and move in with NFL

Tottenham and NFL will both relax into a new home together in the Autumn.

A community game by the NBA to make Playoffs predictions

As part of the Playoffs, which started last weekend, the NBA has launched with its partner Budweiser a platform to allow fans to make their predictions: NBA Playoffs Bracket Challenge.

Man City, the NBA & the best YouTube practices for sports teams

The best practices we see sports teams using to engage with fans on YouTube.

MLB is live on Facebook Watch: what does it mean for watching sport at work?

MLB will broadcast 25 live games on Facebook Watch this season, and with high viewing figures around the world we take a look at what it means for fans.

NBA focuses on a younger audience with cross-platform social media engagement

The NBA’s social media team is smashing engagement across all the social platforms.

How MLB teams and sponsors are gearing up for the start of the season

The new MLB regular season kicks off tomorrow- here’s how teams and sponsors are gearing up for the first round of games on social media.

NBA experiments with microtransactions for the final quarter of games

The NBA could be about to offer fans the ability to pay for just the final quarter of its games from now on – just in time for the arrival of the playoffs.

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox could face-off in London

Major League Baseball wants to bring regular season games to the UK.

NBA tackles mental health issues with the help of the Headspace app

Such a live issue is a tough on to broach, but the NBA seems to have done a great job tackling mental health issues within its own league.