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How MLB teams and sponsors are gearing up for the start of the season

The new MLB regular season kicks off tomorrow- here’s how teams and sponsors are gearing up for the first round of games on social media.

NBA experiments with microtransactions for the final quarter of games

The NBA could be about to offer fans the ability to pay for just the final quarter of its games from now on – just in time for the arrival of the playoffs.

New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox could face-off in London

Major League Baseball wants to bring regular season games to the UK.

NBA tackles mental health issues with the help of the Headspace app

Such a live issue is a tough on to broach, but the NBA seems to have done a great job tackling mental health issues within its own league.

The digital race at this year’s NCAA March Madness lives up to the name

A recap of the digital goings-on at this year’s NCAA March Madness competition

What the Premier League’s social media game can learn from the NBA and PGA Tour

The social media coverage that US sports and the PGA Tour provide is a lesson the Premier League should learn.

MLB to live-stream on Facebook: What does it mean for the future of social video?

Facebook and MLB team up to show regular season games – but what does this tell us about the future of video on social media.

The Philadelphia Phillies embark on an interesting approach to boosting players’ social media following.

Sport is now about prowess off the field almost as much as it is about winning on it, and the Phillies’ new move shows they get that.

How the NBA can help VR on its route to the mainstream

VR will face some problems breaking into the mainstream, but with organisations like the NBA embracing tech so wholeheartedly, they’ll have a much easier time.

Tech companies race for NFL streaming rights as OTT complements linear TV

NFL’s search for a tech company to broadcast Thursday night rights shows the power of live sport to the internet age.