Digital Sport Insider: Tottenham leave Wembley and move in with NFL

A 5-4 victory was a thrilling way to sign off as Tottenham Hotspur played their last ever Premier League home game at Wembley.

Their temporary home served the club well. They beat Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid, Manchester United and Liverpool. They had a Champions League run to be proud of, coming up short only against the wily old European foxes of Juventus and they qualified for next season’s tournament by finishing a very admirable third in the Premier League season.

The next time they play a Premier League home game, it will be back at White Hart Lane, and they will have a new tenant, too.

The new stadium will also play host to NFL games. Tottenham have worked closely with the American league to create a stadium fit for purpose when it comes to football games with an oval ball.

A retractable pitch will reveal a special NFL pitch underneath, viewing angles which allow fans to see over the masses and reams of substitutes and coaches on an NFL team’s bench, and special, bigger changing rooms to fit them all before and after the game as well as at half time are part of the design. Spurs have done everything to ensure that their new neighbours feel at home and want to use the stadium for many years to come.

Indeed, ‘home’ is the word that NFL UK’s head of marketing Sarah Swanson used in the Digital Sport podcast.

Come the autumn, both Tottenham and the NFL will be celebrating their housewarmings in their new north London home.

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