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Twitter to discontinue Vine

Twitter has today announced that it will be shutting down Vine. Vine pioneered short-form video and revolutionised Twitter when it launched in 2013, but its growth has been stunted by

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The 5 best reactions to the NFL’s GIF ban

The NFL’s new ban on teams shooting footage from inside the stadium and then sharing it on social media is not necessarily the most scandalous in its storied history of

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What is ‘Dark Social’ and why are Adidas using it?

Over the summer, The Drum reported on a RadiumOne study that showed 77% of content from online publishers and marketers was being shared on Dark Social, only 23% was shared

Man City’s new iPhone offering is gimmicky – but that’s the whole point

Every week we’re talking about Manchester City in some sense, it seems. From their robotics partnership to their VR adventures. Even their new website and app is turning heads. They’re

The NFL wants to fine teams for posting their own videos on social media

From Wednesday, NFL teams can no longer record video from inside the stadium during a game and post it on social media. From kick-off to an hour after the game, they are prohibited from posting their own

West Ham’s social media accounts at it again when another social media faux pas

They did it again. There was backlash of utterly inevitable proportions this week when West Ham’s Twitter account got involved with National Poetry Day. There was a predictable reaction from

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Sports publishers are the leading lights on social media – and now the stats prove it

If you thought that sport was just a distraction for most people, an unimportant flight of fancy for the free time between work and more important social adventures, then you’ve

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Simon Hughes previews Bangladesh ODI series with Betway

Betway have released a brand new video featuring ex cricketer Simon ‘The Analyst’ Hughes. In the video, he openly discusses the upcoming One Day International Series between England and Bangladesh

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West Ham’s social media experiment backfires, and it should be a lesson to everyone else

How do you while away the hours on Twitter when you run the social media accounts for Premier League football clubs? You get involved with the gimmicks of the day,

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Biggest clubs in the world on board for Dugout

A selection of leading clubs from Europe and the rest of the world, as well as top footballers, will all be involved in a new digital football platform called Dugout. The