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Live-streaming no longer the elephant in the room as Premier League looks to crack down

Illegal streaming isn’t what rightsholders want to be thinking about when they sell rights to broadcasters, but it’s an issue to be taken seriously.

Amazon and Netflix force France’s top broadcasters to pool resources – what does it mean for sport?

As France’s top broadcast names create their own answer to Netflix, and Britain’s equivalents ponder doing the same thing, we ask what this means for the future of sports broadcasting.

Only the start: Amazon picks up Premier League rights hinting at more upheaval

Amazon picks up rights to Premier League games as fragmentation increases for football fans in the UK.

Discovery puts Sky Sports in trouble by snapping up rights to PGA Tour golf

Sky Sports face more media rights issues as PGA Tour moves to a rival broadcaster.

Women in Football launch What If campaign with a bang

Women In Football’s latest campaign brings brands and industry heavyweights together to pledge to make a positive step to promote female voices in the game.

Sky Sports to Stream Football Blogging Awards 2018

Sky Sports has today been announced as the official broadcaster of the Football Blogging Awards (FBAs) 2018. The move will see the event, on 17th May at Alexandra Palace, streamed via Sky Sports’ digital channels.

Eleven Sports seal La Liga rights: What does this mean for Sky and the fan?

As Sky lose the rights to La Liga, we ask who this news means the most to: Sky, La Liga or the UK and Ireland football fan?

Amazon seals UK and Ireland rights to US Open tennis

Amazon Prime adds US Open to its portfolio of tennis rights and becomes the live home of the sport in the UK.

ESPN and Sky Sports are showing how sports broadcast models are changing

Changes to the subscription models being used by broadcasters in both the US and the UK show how sports coverage is moving with the times.

Super Bowl LII doesn’t need any hype, but NFL UK has skin in the game

Sunday night’s Super Bowl game doesn’t need any extra hype, but Tom Brady v Jay Ajayi is an irresistable storyline.