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Former Manchester United player could show US Soccer how it’s done

The latest #DSLondon panel event brought together representatives from the UK arms of NBA, NFL and UFC to talk about what it’s like attempting to break a sport into a

Bayer Leverkusen’s impressive efforts to grow in North America could be about to bear fruit

Football clubs are the kind of institutions which are looked up to in a community. As pillars of their surrounding areas, there has always been some obligation to embody the

World Cup 2018 Series: A look at international football on social media in Russia

This is the second part of our series of guest articles by Aleksandr Grudnev, a researcher and SMM specialist in sport in the build-up to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This

Why tennis could be at the forefront of merging live-streaming with TV

We’re moving into a new era of sports and media rights, and it doesn’t take a genius to see that coming. The rise of social media live-streaming has led to

Weekly Wrap: Arsenal and Man City take centre stage, but Facebook and Amazon are the story

This week’s social media news might well be dominated by questions over whether it was right for Arsenal’s Twitter account to tweet directly to a journalist whose combined 11 ahead

Facebook to live stream 47 college basketball games in the US

It’s no secret that Facebook is looking to expand its presence in the sporting world and become a real sport broadcaster. The strategy continues with a new partnership between the

KPMG Football Benchmark launch new tool for measuring social media performance for clubs and players

Today, KPMG’s Football Benchmark platform have launched a new social media analytics tool. The company want to track data from social media to measure the performance of players and clubs

Podcast: Common Goal and social media highlight just how different it is to be a footballer

Being a famous athlete is so very different from being anyone else, and Common Goal and StreetFootballWorld are the perfect vehicle for harnessing that.

Cardiff City show togetherness at all areas of the club is key to success

For some clubs, a club slogan is just a pithy agglomeration of words, but Cardiff City seem to be taking it to heart. Their hashtag, #CityAsOne, promotes togetherness and unity

DraftKings, the new kid on the live-streaming block, will stream EuroLeague basketball in the US

It’s not just Twitter, Facebook and Amazon who are racing to grab the media rights to as much live sport as possible: it seems that almost everyone is interested in