Digital Sport Morning Briefing: Friday 8th December

Welcome to our new daily series where I put together and share a list of articles I’ve been reading. Providing a filter for you so you can save time and get an overview of what’s happening in the world of ‘digital sport’. Get in touch with me at @danielmclaren if you want to get in touch or see any articles/videos/tweets that catch your eye for me to include in tomorrow’s roundup. 


ESPN: can The Worldwide Leader in Sports manage its own decline? (

Great long read from The Guardian on the challenges facing ESPN, and in turn the industry as a whole. Are we going to the company going out of business, or become a different kind of ESPN to the one we’ve come to know? They’re certainly working hard on diversifying to help stem the bleeding of their cable customer base.

Man Utd & Man City in derby row over Amazon documentary (

OK so there’s not much of a story here aside from Man Utd preventing the production company from accessing key areas during this weekend’s game. But it does highlight some of the challenges when trying to capture what is one of the biggest games of the season. I’m sure they won’t have any problem for the reverse fixture in April!

Premier League surprise packages (

A really interest opinion piece from former Senior Director at YouTube, Stephen Nuttall. The now sports media consultant gives his view on how the media rights scramble is going to play out later this month, with rumours abound about Amazon and Facebook getting involved. Will that happen? And will the value of the rights continue to rise? Have a read and find out.

#Sportsbiz must pivot before it hits a social media wall (

Not a new article but one I only came across yesterday. It contains an interesting take on the impact it has, and will continue to have, on the sports industry. Citing the likes of GiveMeSport, Hashtag United and Southampton as great examples of those who have used social media to punch above their weight, and create new businesses.

Discover Copenhagen’s esports scene in our new series Part Of The Game (

Red Bull have put together a new documentary series on esports, starting with a look at the thriving scene in Denmark. A place where “teams are so successful that they’re being invited to dine with city councillors to mark their achievements – a rare honour for the country’s top sportsmen and women, let alone young esports athletes.” Take a watch of the video and see what you think.



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