Social Media

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Manchester City release Twitter documentary series with novel way of engaging fans

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In the World of Influencers, Sports Teams are Sitting on Gold

You don’t have true control of Facebook or Twitter channels – the only place you have that is your own site. So, what can you do to make sure people go past the initial Google search and come to your page? 

How Man City’s Benjamin Mendy turned a horror debut season into a great one

How Benjamin Mendy has used social media to become a fan-favourite and a crucial member of the team – everything you want from a debut season.

How Chelsea, Arsenal and Man City promoted their teams in the FA Cup semi finals

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Channel Four and Arsenal Fan TV linkup shows how ‘online media’ is now just ‘media’

Channel Four’s latest venture, a fan-led football opinion show, proves that traditional broadcasters are now online content creators the same as everyone else.