Bayern Munich launch suprise new team while Man United get together with a huge new partner

I’m back from a fun night in Manchester where we spent an evening discussing social media and football before watching Liverpool display all their attacking virtues against AS Roma. So let’s crack on. Here are the results of today’s trawl of the internet for top digital sports stories…

Why Temple @’d Their Players (

The trend to put social account handles on the back of shirts seems to be making a return. After first coming about when Twitter was first ‘cool’ in sports we have recently seen Inter Milan use player accounts on their shirts. And from the US, here is an interesting take from within on why Temple took to this same ploy. And, interestingly, it has nothing to do with PR.

How Red Bull Invented the SponCon Industrial Complex (

A fascinating take on the energy drinks reach through its patronage and sponsorship of many sports teams, individuals, arts and more. They have perfected a way in which they reach a new young market each year through localised influencers rather than a straight ad spend.

Bayern Munich form surprise NBA 2K esports team (

Surprising news out of Bavaria. We have been talking about football teams getting involved in a new wave of FIFA 18 competitions but overlooked someone such as Bayern Munich getting involved in NBA2K. This isn’t as strange as it sounds as Bayern are a sports club, not just a football team, and have their own basketball team too. So this lives within the basketball side (obviously) and is the first case I’ve heard about of a European club getting involved in the tournament.

Facebook Broadcast of Mets Game Runs Into Glitches and Complaints (

As with any new approach or technology, the start will be full of problems that couldn’t be seen until they go live. And complaints by fans who are used to seeing their favourite sport/team in a certain way and are reticent to change. The first MLB game exclusively on Facebook had all these problems and it will be interesting to see how it progresses week on week.

Man Utd team up with Uber to bring you closer to the Theatre of Dreams (

The countdown begins, but I’m not sure as to what yet. Good to see Copa90 doing great work with Manchester United as the football video producer of choice continues to grow.

BBC streams first live UHD HDR broadcast (

One for the broadcast/tech geeks out there. BBC has been using UHD with on-demand content for a while but has now started testing it out on live TV. With a Rugby League game between the York City Knights and Catalans Dragons on BBC iPlayer Beta. Not sure how important this is to me, but it sounds good.



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