Daily Digest: BT signs new deal and ESPN launch World Fame 100 2018

As we count down the days until we all get behind Klopp’s Liverpool in the Champions League Final, and digest the news that Arsenal have a manager who is not called Arsene Wenger. Here are a few goodies to take a flick through as we enter the second half of the week.

BT signs four-year extension to football TV production deal (telegraph.co.uk)

Sunset+Vine have been part of the furniture since BT surprised the market back in 2012. with their Premier League rights buy. It looks like this deal enables BT to reign in some spending on production in exchange for a longer deal (last one was for 2 years).

ESPN launch World Fame 100 2018 (espn.com)

Another pretty meaningless list but we all do like to at least have a quick look to see who came out on top. This one takes into account each athletes endorsements, search score (are they after a loan?) and social media following. No prizes for guessing no.1 place.

The Derby County model: digital transformation drives the future of sports marketing (sportpromedia.com)

Interesting case study from Derby’s web agency on how they’ve taken the lead within the Championship especially. Though sadly for the fans they’ll have at least one more season in the division to come.

Arsenal unveils first sleeve sponsor (sportindustry.biz)

Visit Rwanda probably isn’t the first sponsor to come to mind when it comes to splashing the cash to get into the new sleeve sponsorship game. The country has been through a lot but is now one the fastest growing economies in Africa and has seen tourism double in the last 10 years.


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