West Ham and Newcastle use World Cup rest day to steal football’s spotlight

The World Cup may be taking centre stage when it comes to the world of football at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be taking any notice of the club teams.

Supporting their own players at the tournament is the most obvious way that Premier League clubs have been engaging with their fans on social media, but with this being the summer, transfers and kit announcements aren’t too far away either.

Today was a World Cup rest day, so both Newcastle United and West Ham were on hand to take advantage of that.

As with their announcement of Lukasz Fabianski, West Ham’s Twitter unveiling of Jack Wilshere was done in slick fashion. A video was mocked up to show someone take a cab from Arsenal tube station in North London to the London Stadium before revealing it was the ‘homecoming’ of Jack Wilshere at the end of the video.

Again, just like the Fabianski reveal, West Ham have set it up well: fans probably already knew what was coming with this one (the deal having been in the footballing gossip columns for quite some time) but as only one line is spoken in the whole video no one needs to have their sound on to get all of the necessary information. Indeed, the only speech missed by any fan unable or unwilling to watch with sound was Wilshere (his identity at this point still ‘unknown’) telling the driver he wants to go to the London Stadium. If you missed that, you’ll have been well aware that was the destination just seconds later.

Meanwhile, staying in the Premier League, Newcastle United’s big day involved their away kit launch.

Their home kit had already been revealed, but today’s announcement was also a slick affair.

After a quick teaser including the colours of the new kit, the official Twitter account posted what is really quite a beautiful graphic.

The ‘fabric of Newcastle’ is obviously a nod to the things that make up the club – its history, its city and its fans. All are referenced: the stadium, Newcastle landmarks, club legend Sir Bobby Robson (who is now no longer the last man to manage England to a World Cup semi-final) and nods to players who take pride of place in the club’s history – including a lovely reference to Pavel Srnicek, who passed away just over two years ago.

As kit reveals go, it has to be up there with some of the best: understated (because, let’s face it, fans are interested but hardly beside themselves with excitement for the release of the new away kit) and visually appealing with a nice hashtag to boot.

A World Cup rest day before the semi-finals foist themselves upon us again is a good time for club news like this. West Ham and Newcastle took full advantage.

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