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Despite the scandals, sport is still able to articulate the human experience

Over the past couple of years, sports administration has suffered scandal after scandal. From doping to financial irregularities, corruption and bidding bribery, it seems that no sport is safe. It

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Wilson launches Connected X American football and blurs Virtual and Actual reality

Kids these days. They need complicated technology and video games to keep their attention. When we were kids, all we needed was a ball – a bit of leather with

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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 5/8/16

BBC launches 360-degree video service for Rio 2016 The BBC has launched its first ever 360-degree video service in a bid to offer more immersive programming during the 2016 Olympics in

NFL & Cirque Du Soleil team up for NYC Times Square experience

The NFL and Cirque du Soleil have announced a partnership for the creation of a space dedicated to the most popular sport in America in Times Square. The venue, which

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NFL Livestreams Expected to Generate $50 Million in Ads for Twitter

After Twitter sent shockwaves through the digital sport world with their deal with the NFL to host 10 Thursday Night Football games this season, overcoming other digital giants like Amazon

Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 03/06/16

Dallas Cowboys use high-tech footballs for training The Dallas Cowboys are now using footballs that whistle when a player holds a ball tightly and with correct form, in a plan to

Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-up 13/05/2016

Manchester United launch new away shirt via Facebook Live In a trend that is becoming increasingly common and will likely become mainstream before long, Manchester United has launched its 2016/2017

Yankee Stadium joins the growing list of digital stadiums

Yankee Stadium and digital customer service solutions company VenueNext, have launched a new app which allows fans in some parts of the stadium to order food and beverages for in-seat delivery.

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Searching for sport’s digital tipping points

Along with many others, I’ve been trying to interpret Twitter’s dive into acquiring NFL rights and work out what the other social media giants will do next in the live sport streaming arena because their actions will, without question, ultimately have a tsunami effect on the whole broadcast/digital/social model.

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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-up 15/04/2016

New Besiktas stadium features screens on seats Turkish football giant Besiktas officially unveiled its new stadium on Monday for the clash against Bursaspor which features technology never before seen in