Daily Digest: ESPN serve ads based on if your team’s winning/losing and the IOC to talk esports in July

Yesterday was a big day as we made it onto the homepage (and might still be there) of AS Roma with our recent article looking at their social prowess during April. Their English-language Twitter account especially is on fire at the moment… hats off to Paul Rogers and his team (again)!



ESPN is selling ads based on sports fans’ wildly changing emotions (qz.com)

Basically they can serve you different ads dependent on whether your team is winning or losing (or neither). Wondering what different you get served now…. does anyone know?

Minute Media nabs $17m to expand its user-generated sports media platform (techcrunch.com)

The owners of the popular 90mins website have raised some $77m over the last few years and have developed a massive audience. It’ll be interesting, as with all football publishers, how they monetise it going forward.

International Olympic Committee to Talk Esports with Industry Stakeholders and Players (esportsobserver.com)

Esports taking steps forward to gaining Olympic status, but will it be in time for Paris? We should know more after the IOC meeting in July.

Are you the UK’s next podcast star? (launchpod.org)

If you have an idea for a podcast or already have one but want to go big, then this could be a great competition to enter.


The Revenue Stream Revolution in Entertainment and Media (Strategy-business.com)

One for those who are involved in the media and entertainment industry. It’s a (very) long read – I’m not even half way through – but will persevere as it’s a subject I’m always fascinated by.


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