Twitter is the place to be to follow the Women’s Football Awards 2018

Twitter is the place to be if you want to follow the 2018 Women’s Football Awards!

What Ligue 1’s bumper media rights deal means for the rest of Europe

Ligue 1’s new media rights deal will shoot French football up the ladder of most lucrative leagues in Europe – but what does this mean for the rest of football?

Las Vegas Golden Knights show NHL teams the perfect social media template

Much of the conversation in the National Hockey League has centered around the Vegas Golden Knights, and for good reason: the Knights have plowed their way to the Stanley Cup

How Liverpool keeper Karius has benefitted from Champions League howlers

Loris Karius has grown his social media following by over 1m in just three days – proving the old mantra that no press is bad press.

How the NBA can learn from the NFL when it comes to social media in the UK

The NBA’s late-night scheduling makes it difficult for UK fans to really get behind basketball, but the league can learn from its NFL counterparts.

Capital One’s sponsorship of the Washington Capitals shows how brands should get involved

Sponsorship of a sports team can be a vague business, especially if a brand has no natural link to sport. But Capital One are showing how it can be done.

Raheem Sterling furore is the anatomy of a modern social media storm

Furore over Raheem Sterling’s newest tattoo exposes the anatomy of a modern phenomenon that isn’t going away any time soon.

Love Sport Radio get ahead of the game with smart speaker integration

On last week’s Digital Sport Insider podcast, Dan McLaren chats to Kurt Edwards of Love Sport Radio about investing in smart speaker integration.

Turkey gets tech-ready for its attempt to land major sport events

In an attempt to attract major sporting to the country, Turkey is gearing up its savviness in tech.

Esports: FIFA 18 eWorld Cup final will take place in London

EA Sports and FIFA announce that the 2018 eWorld Cup will take place in London.