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West Ham’s social media accounts at it again when another social media faux pas

They did it again. There was backlash of utterly inevitable proportions this week when West Ham’s Twitter account got involved with National Poetry Day. There was a predictable reaction from

Sports publishers are the leading lights on social media – and now the stats prove it

If you thought that sport was just a distraction for most people, an unimportant flight of fancy for the free time between work and more important social adventures, then you’ve

Maria Sharapova and the spectrum of social media sponsorship fails

Activating your sponsorship of a sports team or athlete on social media is basically a case of crossing a live minefield. You have to be funny or engaging, you have

Apple’s water-resistent watch might be a game-changer for swimming

The emergence of waterproof phones has accelerated massively over the past few years. Initially a little bit of a novelty, they’re now just another thing you expect from your phone.

West Ham’s social media experiment backfires, and it should be a lesson to everyone else

How do you while away the hours on Twitter when you run the social media accounts for Premier League football clubs? You get involved with the gimmicks of the day,

Manchester City to bring fans Premier League football in VR

Is the world ready for VR? It’s beginning to look like it might have to be. Manchester City are a club who are often at the forefront of bringing digital

Bundesliga trademarks names amid speculation it will launch its own ESports league

It feels like every week we’re bringing you more and more Esports news. The sector seems to be growing at a frightening rate, and it’s beginning to look like it

Football League clubs’ digital reach revealed – why getting on technology early is vital

We all know about the social media presence of footballers, and of Premier League football clubs. We all know about the gaffes and the terrible tweets and the activation of

Are Discovery the latest provider to aim to launch the ‘Netflix of Sport’

The other week, we wrote about the exciting possibilities the new ‘Netflix of Sport’ would present for the online streaming of sport in the future. The German company behind that

Why golf could have fantasy sports to thank for huge rise in popularity

When you step onto a golf course, you really are forced to look like a golfer. That might not be the most substantial reason, but over the past few years,