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Twitter releases apps to bring free NFL games to your living room

When Twitter decided snap up the rights to live-stream sporting events, it represented a watershed moment. The traditional broadcasters were becoming less and less relevant with each passing game, and

Formula E team up with University of Southampton to make a point about Global Warming

Over the last few years, Formula E has been making a splash. Formula 1’s competitor is notable for its success in moving its motorsport with the times. Its use of

Follow the behind the scenes of the Paralympics with Samsung’s athlete bloggers

After the lull and post-Olympic blues come the Paralympic games in Rio. The games are only a weekend old, but already medals have been handed out, and plenty of action

Are Amazon about to venture into the world of live sport broadcasting?

There have been rumours surrounding the broadcasting rights to some very big live sports for a while now. And quite a bit of that chatter seems to be popping up

Twitter teams up with Hall of Famer to deliver top notch NFL coverage

All summer, the news that Twitter has been gearing up to stream live sport has caused us great excitement. And ahead of the new NFL season which starts this weekend,

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Is this revolutionary new approach to E-Sports a game changer?

Technology in sport is clearly growing day by day: it helps clubs and organisations connect with fans and audiences, it helps sports to grow and it helps officials to get

IBM Watson lets fans get closer to the action at this year’s US Open

With the US Open into its second week, tennis fans are well and truly hooked by now. And those tuning into the US Open app will be enjoying all the

NFL experiment with influencers to grow audience in the UK

Over the past few years, British audiences have begun to hear more and more about American football. From Sky Sports, Channel 4 and the BBC showing live games to a

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Meet Fanto: a revolutionary take on Daily Fantasy Sports

For as long as there has been sport, there has been a desire to predict what’s going to happen in it. Predictions make it possible for fans to get involved,

Bayern Munich’s expansion into the US market is the smart way to success

German football club Bayern Munich seems to be the latest team looking to expand into the sport’s two emerging markets: China and the USA. And it’s the US in particular where Munich