Women in Football launch What If campaign with a bang

On Thursday night at Twitter’s London HQ, Women In Football launched their new campaign.

Throughout the day the hashtag #WhatIf, used to promote the event, was being tweeted widely: what would be a step a brand, club or even an individual could take to make the world a more friendly place for women in sport?

But the beauty of the hashtag wasn’t yet revealed.

That came later on in the evening at the event in central London, where Women In Football brought together influential brands, publishers and voices in sport to pledge to make actual, real changes. Not necessarily Earth-shattering turning points, but at least first steps to keep the journey towards equality ticking along.

What if all of these brands took a step? Well, they just have, say Women In Football!

TalkSport, Sky Sports, Twitter and Sporf are just some of the big names involved. The likes of Betfair and other brands are taking part, too.

And at the end of each tweet, you’ll notice it doesn’t just stop there. “What’s your What If” is the question asked. Not just what would you like to see others do in order to promote women in football, but step will you take to move the needle?

Beyond a snazzy hashtag and a bit of social media buzz, Women In Football have managed to get some of the industry’s leading lights together to pledge to make some sort of positive change.

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