Dynamo Kiev to host Esports tournament with Man City, Roma and Valencia teams

In the growing world of Esports, one of the most exciting developments has surely been the entering of top football clubs into the space.

It hasn’t taken off with the fervour that many perhaps expected, but when such big institutions get involved there’s always a sense of anticipation that things are going to grow in strength.

Next week, however, Dynamo Kiev’s Esports team will take on teams from some of Europe’s other big footballing institutions, as Ajax, Valencia, Lokomotiv Moscow, Manchester City, and Roma will take part a FIFA tournament in Vilnius, Lithuania, the Strawberry Fields Cup, 2017.

The tournament is notable, then, because of the standard of teams all taking part together in a tournament that isn’t based upon current league or geography, and will perhaps generate interest because of that.

According to Dynamo Kyiv, the event will be broadcast on the Game Show TV channel’s YouTube and Twitch pages, and will also include a FIFA 18 gameshow with Lithuanian football veterans. For a UK audience wanting to tune in, that may not sound like the most enticing draw, but it does show that a gameshow type programme alongside a FIFA tournament might be a light-entertainment way to pad out an evening and bring FIFA 18 – in its competitive Esport form – to a slightly more mainstream football audience.

This particular tournament, the Strawberry Fields Cup, is being organised to raise funds for a social and rehabilitation centre, but in terms of format and participants, it might be one to watch out for when it comes to putting on more FIFA-based tournaments.

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