What can sport learn from brands like Adidas and Netflix?

In 2018 plenty of new companies will be set up and many will thrive. Some might even go on to become recognisable names all around the world.

Will OTT take over, or is the cord-cutting phenomenon really a red herring?

As Sky and BT Sport announce they’ll share their content, we ask if the cord-cutting phenomenon is really a red herring.

Minnesota Vikings’ new app shows how sport can leverage VR

NFL side Minnesota Vikings have launched their first VR app, potentially showing how sports organisations can leverage VR once it hits the mainstream of people’s everyday lives.

OGC Nice team up with Vogo to bring in-game replays to fans at the Allianz Riviera

Stadium technology at OGC Nice shows how sports teams need to differentiate their matchday experience in order to compete with the comfort of TV.

2017 Review: Top Ten Digital Sport Insider podcasts of the year

Following on from last week’s review of the articles you’ve been interested in this year, which took us by surprise to be honest, we decided to take a look at the most-listened-to podcasts we’ve loved doing this year.

ESPN show how broadcasters have to allow for the changing faces of sports fans

ESPN’s latest innovation in live sports broadcasting shows how taking all types of sports fans into account is the best way to keep your audience interested.

Umbro gives French fans a novel way to be involved in jersey design

Umbro gave fans of three French clubs the chance to create their own fan jerseys in a unique social media engagement.

2017 Review: The Top 10 #DigiSport stories of the year

Our top ten stories of the year ranked by pageviews – the perfect way to see what’s made a storm in #Digisport this year.

Digital Sport Morning Briefing: Friday 21st December

Only a very short one from me today as I’ll be running around helping my son celebrate his birthday – the lucky wee man has 3 days of opening presents

Danish Ice Hockey player opens the door to Bitcoin’s role in sport

Ice Hockey player Nikolaj Rosenthal becomes the first professional athlete paid fully and exclusively in Bitcoin.