Wilson launches Connected X American football and blurs Virtual and Actual reality

Kids these days. They need complicated technology and video games to keep their attention. When we were kids, all we needed was a ball – a bit of leather with a bladder of air.

Well, nowadays even balls are getting the smart technology treatment.

NFL suppliers Wilson have unveiled their new Connected X football which is like a regular football, but with smart technology.

The ball contains a chip which measures factors like spins, speed, distance and efficiency of the throw and then connects to an app to let you see all the data.

The ball is more than just a training aid, however. As the video says, the ball blurs the line somewhat between virtual reality and actual reality – like playing a video game with a real ball. That’s because the chip and the app allow for players to play various different game modes such as: elimination, where you compete against your friends to complete a task – if you don’t you’re eliminated. Precision, which measures your throw accuracy. Game time, where the quarter back plays against the clock. And final drive, simulating a situation where the quarterback has one last possession of the match and has to pick out a pass.

Then you can challenge your friends and share your scores. The chip will wear out eventually, but it will last up to 200,000 throws, according to Wilson.

Playing with a ball seems like the simplest, most innocent, sort of pre-technology entertainment. But not any more!

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