Apple TV adds more live sport to its network as online streaming grows even more

Just a few weeks ago, there was some chatter about Apple expanding the reach of their Apple TV product by buying up the rights to Formula 1. And now it

Rio 2016 viewing figures show online streaming is not the future – it’s the present

The Olympic Games comes around every four years, and so whilst it’s always tempting to compare the current games with the previous ones, there’s always a mitigating factor: the last

Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 26/8/16

Snapchat and Gatorade to deliver live scores to High School sport Snapchat is set to bring real-time geofilters to High School American football games in the U.S. The California-based platform recently tested real-time scores

Bayern Munich’s first game of the season to be shown in VR

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch football in VR? Would it be an amazing, immersive experience? (Surely) Would that be overshadowed by having to sit in your

Podcast: Matt Cutler from #SBWeekly on the growing influence of podcasting in sport & getting started

In this first episode, I caught up with the creator of the fantastic Sports Biz Weekly (#SBWeekly) podcast, Matt Cutler to talk about the growing influence of podcasting in sport and get his tips on starting my own

Why didn’t Rio 2016 create the marketing splash we were all waiting for?

The Olympic Games: one of the biggest sporting stages in the world, but an expensive stage for brands who want to make a scene. There was much chatter before the games

UEFA Champions League’s Twitter account is a lesson to us all

It feels like every week there’s some sort of social media gaffe to grab our attention in the world of sport. Engaging with your audience in real time on social

NEW: Intro to the #DSChat Podcast

This week sees the launch of a new podcast that appear on Audioboom and here on Digital Sport. The intro explains a bit about why I’m doing it and what you can expect.

This is the most social of any Olympic Games to date – and this infographic has all the stats

Every Olympic games takes us closer to the action. From the advent of TV to the ability to watch whichever live event was going on at that particular moment, right

Ford motor racing become the latest sports team to dabble in VR

Virtual Reality is the new kid on the block as far as sport is concerned. It’s not quite mainstream enough just yet for the average consumer to be targeted, but