How MLB teams and sponsors are gearing up for the start of the season

The 2018 MLB regular season will begin on tomorrow – on Thursday 29th March.

All 30 clubs will start their season on Thursday, which hasn’t happened in 50 years. As you might expect, the social accounts of every team, the actual league itself, and its sponsors are doing everything they can to excite their followers for the upcoming season.

Whether you’re a fan of a bottom feeder like the Miami Marlins or a contender like the New York Yankees, your favourite team has a social strategy set for this season.

A majority of the content that we see from these social accounts currently is centred around the actual players. There really isn’t a better way to excite fans than by giving them videos that serve as a selling point to purchase tickets in the regular season. Fans of the Los Angeles Angels are spoiled by the incredible play they get to witness each day by two-time American League MVP Mike Trout…

Trout can be used as an entire marketing / social plan on his own because he is that special a player. The Angels signed Japanese phenomenon pitcher Shohei Otani in the offseason, hoping to bolster their chances in reaching the World Series this year. However, with the signing of Otani, the Angels extended their total fanbase. Even Trout got in on the fun of bringing in an international star.

As previously mentioned, the Miami Marlins are going to be terrible this season. Knowing the way sports work, I actually just gave them my blessing and the South Florida club will go on to eliminate my beloved Chicago Cubs in the NLCS this season. I’m not the only one that shares this thought. In their 2018 season preview, Bleacher Report projected the Marlins to win 62 games this year.

However, the front office of the Marlins still has to work as if the team didn’t go through a complete overhaul in the offseason. In an effort to get their fans out to Marlins Park for opening day against the Cubs, the social team created a “hype” video for the upcoming season that features hip-hop artist and Miami native DJ Khaled.

The video highlights certain players and why the entire city of Miami should be excited for what will be a fantastic season. Khaled, who has just over four million followers on Twitter, promises to the fans that he’ll be at Marlins Park on opening day.

They also created a song that serves as the main hashtag for the opening day campaign, #JustGettinStarted. It may seem a little excessive, but it is a perfect example of the kind of lengths that some teams take in order to get fans into their stadiums. In addition, the Marlins announced that pop star Jason Derulo will perform the opening day National Anthem. There is so much more that clubs must do today to get fans into stands to watch the game, especially when the team is not performing well. If the team is successful in the win column, the tickets sell themselves.

One of the MLB’s long-time partners is telephone carrier T-Mobile. The company has had a partnership with baseball that allows its customers one-year free access to the league’s online streaming platform, MLB.TV. T-Mobile has posted a large amount of content centred around this lucrative deal that is exclusive to its customers. The typical subscription costs $115.99 per year.

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