Floyd Mayweather launches VR experience in new gym franchise

After retiring from the ring again after beating Conor McGregor last year, Floyd Mayweather is still an undefeated boxer. He’s just a lot richer.

These days, ‘Money’, as he’s known, is preparing to open a commercial gym. And at this month’s International Consumer Electronics Show in the US, he has officially announced the VR experience in his new venture.

The VR boxing experience allows users to work out wherever they choose by utilising the VR headset and taking advantage of the built-in 12-week training programmes which come in three different features. Used with a headset and hand controller, it gives users the ability to train in different settings including stepping in the ring with Mayweather himself, but for that you’ll have to head to one of the gym’s physical locations.

One is a training programme which includes workouts such as virtual speed bag exercises, hand-eye coordination training and endurance punching. Another setting allows users to train padwork with Mayweather as your virtual trainer. And the final one is based on virtual boxing matches, with Floyd in your corner this time.

The virtual gym allows users not only to get a workout from one of the biggest names in the history of boxing, but also to compete against their friends and others who have signed up in VR.
Whilst VR is making its way into the homes of people all over the world, we’re seeing slow progress in terms of it becoming a truly life-changing piece of kit. But as technology increases, that might change, and new opportunities such as having the ability to work out at home without going to the gym might actually become revolutionary. It’s certainly one to keep an eye on.

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