Hot Topics: International Women’s Day and the rise of documentary in football

A discussion of this week’s Hot Topics, including International Women’s Day, VAR, and the rise of documentary content within football.

The Theatre of Streams: How YouTube became football’s digital home

Manchester United’s arrival on YouTube cements the platform’s position as the home of football on digital media.

Esports at the Olympic Games? The debate is one to keep an eye on

Pros and cons: A short look at the debate taking place about whether esports should be at the Olympic Games

The Two Sports: Promoting women in sport beyond This Girl Can

On International Women’s Day, it’s important to remember that there are two sides to the sports business: tracksuits and suits. In order to promote diversity and women in sport, we need to bear that in mind.

Spain’s La Liga partners with Amazon to create new on-demand documentary series

Spain’s La Liga will be the subject of the latest collaboration between an on-demand video titan and football – this time a whole league.

Does VAR in football represent one extra erosion of the stadium experience?

VAR is a divisive issue in football, but is its biggest problem that it is one further erosion of the fans’ matchday experience?

New Serena Williams Nike ad is an important milestone for promoting women’s sport

Nike’s new ad featuring Serena Williams is important for promoting women’s sport.

Cardiff City and the power of social media to plan for next season

It might not be the most glamorous piece of content a club has to create on social media, but done properly it can be a very important one for next season.

Copa 90 and Bleacher Report show sport and culture mix best on social media

Sport and culture have always gone together, but social media is amplifying it in a whole new way.

Formula E Twitter stream breaks new ground in Japan

Formula E’s Japanese Twitter live-stream is a first for the sport, but yet another example of the new kind of coverage social media can bring to live sport.