Why technology has a powerful impact on sport today

By Angela Baker

It goes without a doubt that technology is affecting all industries of the world, and sport is no exception. People can now communicate faster, exchange ideas, and even support their favourite athletes from miles away. For years now, people turned to sports as a way of relaxing, socialising, or even making a career, be it in front of the screen, on in the field.

But ever since technology has made its way into the sports industry, it did not cease to spark controversy with every new addition. From assisting referees, which really helped to make the games more fair play, to providing athletes with better ways to get training and improve their skills, and making the experience more pleasurable for spectators

With that being said, how exactly did technology change the sports industry for the better? 

Improved athlete training

Athletes need more than physical training to stay on top of their game. Besides improved training facilities and better gym equipment, athletes and trainers now have cutting-edge technology to monitor body activity and personalise training to suit their own needs. 

Each athlete is different and has individual needs, which means that, what works for one may not work for the other. Nowadays, sensors can detect anything from heart rate, hydration levels, body temperature, and even brain activity, so athletes can know when to push harder, or take a well-deserved break. 

Nutrition is another factor that athletes need to consider. Based on their body type, weight, or physical condition, they need to adapt their diet before or after a big event, to be in perfect shape. Nutrition doctors are now using high-end software to determine a person’s dietary journey, based on individual goals. 

Digital media presence 

Athletes are role models for people all over the world, and thanks to technology improvements, sports coverage is now broader and broader. People from a small city in Europe can now watch an entire soccer competition that takes place in Asia, without needing to purchase plane tickets or wait for it to be broadcasted on TV. They can simply go online and find a streaming website. 

At the same time, social media marketing is taking the world by storm, and athletes have no other choice than to embrace their roles as idols of the entire world. “Young athletes who dream of, one day, become the next Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams, or Lewis Hamilton, can keep up with their activity online, see how they train, or receive a genuine piece of advice from them” explains Alice Morison, a social media marketer at Studicus

Ensures a fair game

Out of everyone, referees and umpires seem to have the most to gain wince technology started to infiltrate sports. For many years, upset fans have been accusing them of taking one side or the other in a game, and not making the right call when it comes to giving warnings. Since instant replay came to help, such situations are less and less noticeable. 

At the same time, people seem to forget that referees are humans too, and sometimes external factors can simply prevent them from seeing what happened or making a decision without re-watching the events.

In tennis, for example, instant replays and hawk-eye technology left no room for human error and ensure that the game is fair from beginning to end. Since its introduction in 2006, its accuracy has only improved, with reports stating it has a margin of error of only 2.2 mm

Bottom line

Technology is slowly changing every aspect of our society, from healthcare to manufacturing and sports. From better equipment to improved training technology and software that gives little to no error when it comes to helping referees decide whether a mistake has been made or not, it is safe to assume that the impact of technology in sports has nothing but beneficial results.

About Angela:

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