Bayern Munich teams up with Snapchat to deliver global broadcast

As professional sports teams look to utilise every app and every piece of technology available to them, it’s not surprising to see Germany’s football powerhouse Bayern Munich team up with Snapchat to deliver special coverage of its match-up against Borussia Dortmund that was already being broadcasted in 209 countries around the world.

In what was certainly a first for the top German football league, a “Global Life Story” of the match was broadcast to all Snapchat users. And it’s likely to not be the last use of the technology with clubs attempting to increase their global reach.

Using the latest geofencing techniques, Bayern Munich were able to pull in a huge number of Snapchats from the specific location which was FC Bayern’s home ground Allianz Arena and add them to the Global Life Story of Bayern vs Dortmund.

What was slightly different to Bayern Munich’s broadcast on Snapchat is that they geofenced 6 bars in America (including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC and Atlanta) so fans in those places could add snaps to the Global Story. This story was broadcast live for 24 hours to Snapchat users around the world.

To encourage participation and to promote the awareness of their Snapchat activity, FC Bayern advertised on advertising boards during the match as well as promoted it on their other social media channels.



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