So you want to be a football coach. Just how easy is it?

The other day, I, like most football fans, was toying with the idea of doing some football coaching. I mean, a player of my calibre will surely be able to offer a pool of knowledge, wisdom and motivation to children all over the country……..ok maybe not

Is Sport Recession Proof?

Text books will tell you that sport should be one of the few businesses to be recession proof but is there any substance to this argument?

Freedom of Speech for Sports Stars on Social Media?

As social media becomes more and more popular within sport, will sports personalities be able to continue tweeting with little/no moderation?

Football Players ARE Brands

The recent Tiger Woods crisis showed the world how brands and athletes are tightly linked. While Accenture, Gatorade, AT&T dropped the golfer, other brands such as Gillette and Procter and Gamble, have significantly dimmed down their use of Tiger in advertising campaigns.

Why Should Fans Care?

Whilst looking for some inspiration yesterday I saw a tweet about Jason Peck’s new post on ‘Sports and Social Media – why should fans care?’ which includes the views of UKSN’s very own Ash Read.

The value of communications in the sports industry

Even in the sports industry where results on the field typically speak for themselves, communication is becoming increasingly more important and valuable.

3 Boxing Lessons For Social Media

The one thing I have always loved about boxing training is the inspirational quotes which are invariably scrawled on the walls and l think some of them can be applied to a social business. See what you think of these three I’ve picked out

UK Sport / Sport England Merger Is The Right Way Forward

News broke last month that the Government is to merge UK Sport and Sport England in order to streamline the running of sport in England (sport is devolved in the Celtic nations).

Sports sponsorship is alive and well…if only you know where to look

Lately, it appears that the dreaded ‘S’ word has started to lose its negative connotations in the aftermath of one of our worst economic crises in recent times. Yes, sponsorship is slowly beginning to reassert its authority in the marketing mix and with just cause.

Should Sports Stars Be On Facebook?

Facebook is one of the must be on’s at the moment but which sports stars are on it? And are many missing a trick by not making use of this platform of 500m people?

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