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Italian football giant A.S. Roma go with crowdsourcing for their website redesign

After being voted as the sixth worse Champions League club website, the people behind the scenes at A.S. Roma embarked on finding ways to redesign the website. But instead of

Major League Baseball launches its own Social Media platform

Major League Baseball and Vixlet have teamed up to launch the MLB’s very own social network available around the world named “MLB Fans”. While sports continue to investigate ways in

Adidas say goodbye to normal recycling with “Infinity-Cycling”

Move out of the way normal recycling, Adidas has invented a new and more efficient way of recycling, kind of… Your boot could be made out of a swatch of

“Statcast” to change the face of the MLB

American sports have always been quicker in embracing technology across the board. And it is sports like the NFL and MLB that continue to pave the way for widespread implementation

A technology to solve one of Rugby Union’s major headaches

In this day and age of rapidly evolving technology, professional sport and increasing liability for sports governing bodies, methods in which to prevent and treat head injuries were always going

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No sponsorship rights, no problems for big brands

The 2015 Rugby World Cup has thrown up a number of surprises to date, on the field and off it. But as we head into the third week of the

The Social World Cup – who’s the most popular at this year’s Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup is on the lips of nearly everyone this month with the tournament being held in England (with some games in Cardiff). And during these types of

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Keep up with the Rugby World Cup with Rugby RightNow

Don’t you wish there were certain places where you could go and read all the latest in rugby news regardless of what publication printed it? It doesn’t matter how good

All Blacks give fans a chance to face the Haka

The Haka is one of the most intimidating sporting traditions on the planet. Performed before a rugby game by the New Zealand All Blacks, it has become synonymous with one

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Rugby deserves more than just a like – what is the Rugby World Directory?

“Rugby deserves more than just a like” This phrase was crafted in the very early days of brainstorming about the idea that was to become the Rugby World Directory (RWD).