The PGA Tour partners with Twitter to bring 140 hours of free live golf to the platform

The PGA Tour has kicked off 2019 by signing a deal with Twitter to extend the tour’s video coverage of golfing action on the platform.

Over the last few years, we’ve singled out the US golf tour for praise as they’ve brought the sport into the digital age with some clever use of social media video. Cutting clips and seeding highlights onto the Twitter account throughout the weekend’s action gives fans a taste of what’s happening as well as enticing them to tune in if something important is going on, the tour have also been able to make it possible to follow all the important action on social for fans who aren’t at a TV screen.

Now, that strategy has been extended as this new agreement will see the PGA Tour and Twitter enter into a streaming partnership, where the social media platform will be the place for golf fans to watch the morning rounds of weekend days, meaning even more golf than ever before will be available to fans.

Spanning across 28 tournaments, the tour will be giving free global access to streaming adding up to around 140 hours of golf, in addition to adding a Twitter vote to allow fans to decide which of the groups on the course will become the featured pairing, while the platform will also be home to live-streams from the driving range before tee-off.

Additional content will also be available on Discovery’s GolfTV account as well as the PGA Tour.

Golf is a sport many feared for in the digital age. It is played at a fairly slow pace and has had trouble appealing to the younger generation in recent years. But with highlights clipped up to 30-second clips, the fact that any shot is potential for the highlights reel and the ability to lay it all out in real time on Twitter, that might well change.

Starting this month at the Desert Classic, we’ll see how the new partnership works and it might be the start of golf’s revival as a social media friendly sport.

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