NFL UK has a big week on Twitter as stars come to town

The NFL may be months away from its return to our screens in the early autumn, but being the massive sporting league it is, it never truly leaves us.

The longest months may still be ahead for fans of American football, but those who are in the UK were in for an off-season treat this week as some big stars of the sport descended on London with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson seeing the sights and trying his hand at a spot of cricket.

And so the NFL UK’s Twitter account was in its element this week. Usually, its job is to see the American football through the eyes of a UK fan. That means providing coverage on things happening in the US for the most part, but this week the action was here. And quite nicely coinciding with a couple of big events for the sport’s British arm.

Tottenham’s new stadium won’t be ready for the start of the Premier League season, but it’s not far away. And this week, the NFL’s crest was unveiled on the American football pitch which has already been installed in the ground.

That’s a big moment for NFLUK, who will have a home in London when the stadium is complete. With locker rooms big enough for the gigantic American football teams and with their own pitch specially designed to be slightly lower down than a soccer pitch, the considerations for what he NFL will need to host games at White Hart Lane have clearly been put into the design.

Then there’s another big sporting event taking place for UK fans – the World Cup. And although it’s not necessarily the NFL’s place to get involved, England’s opening game against Tunisia was such a massive deal in the UK that everyone got involved.

It’s also nice to see a bit of cross-sport positivity, and it’s certainly true that a large percentage of NFL fans in the UK are soccer fans, too.

It may be months until the big kick off of the NFL season this autumn, but we certainly won’t be stuck without coverage until then.

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