LBJ’s video company gets a huge helping hand

Widely regarded as one of the best on the court, LeBron James can now claim to be up there with the best off it after Warner Bros. Entertainment and Turner Sports invested approximately US$15.8 million in the basketballer’s digital video company “Uninterrupted”.

The investment will assist in expanding the company’s efforts to bring athlete-created content to fans. And while the company is almost a year old after being launched on Christmas Day in 2014, the company needed big partners to disseminate the company’s content and seed it elsewhere. Now, thanks to the conglomerate, that’s a possibility.

With the idea of allowing professional athletes to show the public another side of them, James launched the company to give his fans “the uncut, unedited version right then and there of what my thoughts are.”

In a press release, James said he was glad to be able to give more athletes a chance to show their private side.

“The best thing about Uninterrupted is there are so many creative opportunities for athletes to tell their stories,” he said.

“I’m excited to be partnering with important, innovative companies like Warner Brothers and Turner to keep building Uninterrupted as a place for athletes to go to connect with fans and share their stories in a different way.”

Many professional athletes already utilise the company with Ronda Rousey, Draymond Green and Rob Gronkowski in order to show fans another side of them. The videos have been appearing on Bleacher Report which is a property of Turner Sports.

James isn’t new to the media world with his company Spring Hill Productions, which has made cartoons, ESPN Films and a show with Disney XD. And neither is the concept of “Uninterrupted” with the idea of providing a space for athletes to speak directly to fans gaining momentum among professional athletes across the US. Derek Jeter started a similar effort with the Player’s Tribune which recently hosted Kobe Bryant’s retirement announcement.

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