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Meet Fieldoo – the social network for footballers and clubs

Do you ever wonder just how muddy the waters of the world of football transfers are? Every summer and every January, thousands of players move between football clubs all over

Glasgow Rangers Launch Facebook and LinkedIn Pages

Yesterday saw the official launch of Glasgow Rangers FC’s official Facebook page, complete with a photo shoot to celebrate it. They have taken their time to enter into social media but it looks like they are going to take it very seriously.

Dreaming of a job in Social Media?

Often spoken about is the power of how social media, and especially LinkedIn, can help anyone out there looking for a role and develop their careers. The thought nowadays, which is a bit counter-intuitive, is that people need to become more like brands (and brands more like people).

Why Football Clubs Should Adopt LinkedIn as a Social Media Channel

Why is LinkedIn often left forgotten by marketers? It tends to be that clients (and companies) just decide to set up a LinkedIn channel along with their new Facebook and Twitter pages, but rarely know why.

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How LinkedIn Can Benefit Sports Clubs

If you dont have time to play around with LinkedIn or not had any training in what it does then it is very easy to miss much of what there is to offer. Here I give a few tips of how can make great use of it for your club/business.

Interview with Lewis Howes, founder of Sportsnetworker.com and author of LinkedWorking

Daniel McLaren interviews author and social media pioneer Lewis Howes about his journey, his new book and social media in sport.

I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn

Anyone who has been on LinkedIn will know this phrase very well, either through receiving it or sending it out. For those of you who don’t know, this is the standard message you are given when sending a request to connect with someone on the site.

Is LinkedIn Enough?

I and many of you who read this will be massive fans of LinkedIn and what it can do for your business and your own profile. But is it enough just to make new contacts, start discussions and become thought leaders?