Q&A with David Drahy from Com’Over

Com’Over Managing Team: Edouard Menu, Laurène Wolff and David Drahy

Based in Lyon and Paris, Com’Over is a French communications agency specialising in sport, entertainment and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

After seven years in different sports marketing agencies, David Drahy threw himself into the Com’Over venture in 2011.  As sport business expert, he shared with us his point of view about sports marketing and fan engagement.

What is Com’Over’s story?

Com’Over was founded six years ago and now employs 15 people. Our identity is linked to the sporting world but for the last few years we have been developing entertainment and CSR actions. Our job is to help our clients in terms of strategy, activations, events and influence marketing.

What part does digital play in your work?

Many of our activations are in 360° so we include digital in our work, notably in social media optimisation, new technologies and specific platforms. For our events, digital is necessary to accentuate reactions from people. Thanks to digital platforms, our events can stay alive for several months online, and not just for a few days. Digital is at the heart of sports business today so it’s become essential for our job.

What kind of digital activations do you provide?

I can talk about two:

The first one is about SOCAR as part of UEFA EURO 2016. It was the first time they, a company from Azerbaijan, had partnered a major sport event. We built the campaign “Make Your Debut” for them. Like SOCAR, lots of countries and players made their major tournament debut that year. So we based this partnership activation around that theme. We created a dedicated website which included fans films, statistics and lots of games. On top of this, we provided social media content with infographics about the games, Virtual Reality experiences in the Fan Zone in Paris, and sponsored the Young Player of the tournament prize. The campaign was a success and helped SOCAR increase its visibility in Europe during the event.

The second is with Beats by Dre. We recently invited 20 French influencers to a brunch in order to show them new products. We can’t totally define this activation as a digital one. These 20 influencers represent more than five million followers on social media. So around 120 000 interactions about Beats by Dre products have been generated thanks to the event. Finally, we can talk about digital.

Which digital activation has surprised you the most in the last months?

The campaign from Orange during UEFA EURO 2016 was great. To allow fans to change the colour of the Eiffel Tower posting hashtags on social media is unique: it is the most famous landmark in France and, from fan’s point of view, it is a really simple action to do.

Is it possible to imagine sports marketing without digital?

Definitely not. Even amateur clubs need to use social media to be visible. In our job we have to follow the public’s practises and habits. As social and digital figures get bigger and bigger you have to include it in your proposition. And that just won’t change in the coming years.

How do you see the future of sports marketing?

Immediate content like the NBA League Pass and immersion with new technologies such as VR and AR will be the key. Fans want more in terms of experience and we have to allow them to consume what they’re passionate about exactly as they want to. The most important thing in the future will be to offer a unique experience.

To find out more about Com’Over, go to www.com-over.com.

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