Captain Morgan’s and Captain Morgan – a lesson in seizing the moment

Leicester City’s Premier League title success seems like a distant memory at this point.

The social media age allows for mass reaction to huge events before the fade into the background and new ones take their place. That Leicester’s story was a fairytale unheard of in modern sport – especially ones so lucrative as the Premier League – doesn’t seem to matter much any more. Though the reason is probably their dismal start to the following season, and the fact they seem to have reverted straight back to type, with only the fact they’re now playing in the Champions League to serve a tangible link to their glory.

But it does show the value of living in the moment. The fleeting nature of success, certainly in sport, and especially on social media, means when you get it you have to savour it. Milk it, use it and capitalise on it.

Thousands of brands will have jumped on the Leicester City bandwagon, Leicester’s very own Walkers made the most of their affiliation both to the club and to Gary Lineker – remember, these were still the weeks before the Match of the Day presenter filmed the first episode of the following season in just a pair of boxer shorts.

When the moment comes along, you just have to grab it. But you’d expect Walkers to be in on the action, really. It would be surprising if Leicester’s biggest company, and a brand that was even a naming sponsor to Leicester City’s stadium – known as the Walkers Stadium before changing to King Power in 2011 – wasn’t celebrating with the club

But one more surprising brand to capitalise was Captain Morgan’s rum. Leicester City’s captain, the man who lifted the Premier League trophy in May, is Wes Morgan – that sort of opportunity doesn’t come along very often for a brand, but Captain Morgan’s picked it up and ran with it expertly.

As reported in The Drum, the figures for the social media posts that accompanied Leicester’s triumph are astonishing:

“Impressions topped 50 million while the number of those posts that were shared through word-of-mouth or through earned social were around 26,000. The total number of times the post was interacted with hit 590,000, with the engagement rate at 26%.”

More than that, though, they were even savvy enough to release a special edition bottle with Captain Morgan’s face – of the Leicester variety – on the label.

The relationship between Morgan and Captain Morgan’s has since expanded, with the footballer signing a contract with the brand, including the gimmicks that he must dress up as The Captain at every fancy dress party he goes to, and buy a Captain Morgan’s and cola for each patron in the bars he walks into.

It’s a lesson in capitalising on the moment when you get the chance, and a reminder that even the biggest online buzzes are often forgotten about quickly unless you have some way of creating another publicity storm later on: Morgan didn’t sign the contract with Captain Morgan’s until six months after Leicester won the title.

Things for Captain Morgan’s will revert to type again sooner or later, and just like Leicester City, all they’ll be left with are the memories and a few remnants of their moment. But, like Leicester, they took full advantage.

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