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The Dangers of Not Manning Social Media 24/7

This weekend saw a customer complaint go from being an issue for the company and that individual to a full blown PR issue thanks to the Facebook community. It highlighted the issue of how people treat social media outide of normal working times.

Social Media: A World Without Numbers

Social Media efforts are measured in terms of how many fans you have, or gain in a certain period of time, the number of comments made on a post and number of ‘likes’ made. Is this right way or are we too obsessed with the numbers?

Mercedes Provides RFID Facebook Checkins at PGA Championship

Mercedes-Benz has set up 10 kiosks at the PGA Championship in Atlanta. Some 25,000 people have also been given VIP passes with RFID chips embedded in them.

Vauxhall Football – The Big Pitch & Retro Restyle Facebook Apps

npower aren’t the only ones ramping up their football sponsorship efforts this week. The recent sponsor of all the home countries, Vauxhall, has started to make a push using its Facebook page.

npower readies Foursquare-like Football League sponsorship activation

Npower is activating its sponsorship of the English Football League this year with a Foursquare-esque social media game for fans to “show their loyalty” to their clubs.

Great Digital Campign by Oakley – ‘You Vs’ Mark Cavendish

If you are a fan of first person films and like to see something more interactive then look no further than this latest creative for big summer campaign by Oakley called ‘You Vs’.

Highlighted: ‘Facebook row’ tickets with the England Football Team

This week we’re highlighting the latest activation by The FA as they look to reward England fans ahead of the next game at Wembley (England v Holland).

Fun Digital Content: How ‘Owling’ is helping bring light relief to England Cricket

Following on from my ‘Planking’ post yesterday, yes it was a bit random but showed how athletes can engage with fans away from their chosen sport and be perceived as being closer to them, I thought I’d continue my look at the lighter side of athletes and how digital is getting involved.

2011 Open Golf Championship & Social Media

With the first golfers teeing off today on day one of the 2011 Open Golf Championship, what better time to look at the new innovations that the organisers are putting our way.

Manchester United Celebrate 1 Year on Facebook

Yesterday, Manchester United celebrated being on Facebook for a year…and what a successful year it has been. To celebrate they released a really interesting and good looking infographic…