Rio highlights how Twitter can be used for good

Many articles have been written on so many blogs and news sites over the last few years about footballers failing on Twitter.  Managers and writers (such as Patrick Barclay) have called for bans on players using it or openly criticised the use of the platform in the press as they see more and more get into trouble of their own making.

We here at UKSN and other writers have been pushing to highlight the good side and how education can be used for it to be of far more benefit than people see.  Yesterday saw a moment, brought about by the connectivity of Twitter, to bring a top footballer and a charity together on a very personal level.  The story unfolds like this….

Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand was on a train when he was spotted by a woman, who then texted one of her friends.  That person tweeted Ferdinand to mention this – and the former England captain walked up to the woman on the carriage to introduce himself.

The woman runs the charity Dance Aid and Ferdinand offered to help her out with any promotion.

Eurosport journalist Tom Adams gave an insight into the meeting:

“Housemate’s girlfriend on train today and spotted Rio Ferdinand was in her carriage. She texted her mate, who then tweeted @rioferdy5 to tell him and ask if he could talk to her about her charity.”

“Girlfriend has no idea this happened, looks up to see Rio sitting down opposite her, unprompted. He then asks her all about the charity and agrees to do some work for them.”

When asked if the story was true, Rio tweeted: “Yep, news travels fast on this Twitter! See if I can help out.”

Good work Rio!

Rio Ferdinand Twitter Good


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