CricHQ acquires My Action Replay

Global cricket platform CricHQ has acquired UK-based sports-video highlights provider My Action Replay, following a a pre-existing technical partnership between the two companies.

Their plan is to make video capture and sharing more accessible to clubs, schools, academies, and second tier representative cricket. Cricket teams worldwide will be able to easily live-stream their matches, and through integration with the CricHQ platform, live match data will be automatically included in the broadcast. The same technology allows for post-match video to be saved, searched and replayed based on the scoring meta-data.

Players, fans and high performance officials, such as coaches and selectors, will be able to conveniently and cost effectively search for and review video coverage of each player, based on a range of variables such as deliveries faced or scoring shots.

Currently CricHQ captures 1 in every 10 cricket balls bowled worldwide, and My Action Replay have created over 700,000 individual replays to-date with branded highlights being viewed and shared online.

This significant acquisition is the first major business decision the sports tech company has made since international business executive Kevin Roberts took over as Chair.

“CricHQ is putting the player and fans at the heart of what it’s doing. By enabling fans and players to see video of cricket at all levels, we’ll get to enjoy cricket in a whole new way. CricHQ really is living up to its mantra of revolutionising cricket through technology,” said Roberts.

“By combining video, scoring and match data in real-time means that the viewing experience for cricket fans will be so much better”, said My Action Replay Founder Barnaby Kent. “It’s 2017, it shouldn’t just be big games that are broadcast, there is a whole new world of cricket that can, and should, be broadcast now, such as women’s and college cricket”.

CricHQ founder and CEO Simon Baker, himself an avid cricketer, is very excited and optimistic about the acquisition.

“It’s a real thrill to be the head of a company that’s bringing this opportunity to cricketers all over the world. This is exactly the sort of future we envisioned when we created CricHQ. The convergence of data, video and digital at all levels of cricket is what we have been pushing forward with for the last few years. By acquiring My Action Replay, our planned focus on video within the CricHQ platform becomes a reality immediately.”

Roberts explained that this all fits within CricHQ’s strategic aim of utilising today’s modern technology with a sport that has had a number of traditions.

“CricHQ will integrate with My Action Replay so it can be indexed, which means that players and fans can watch the footage they want, when they want it, and on any device. Live streaming will have contextual infographics such as scores and data more extensive than what is currently provided on TV, reducing the production cost for rights holders wanting to broadcast and monetise their cricket. Effectively CricHQ intends on becoming the world’s largest broadcaster of cricket.”

The acquisition and full integration of CricHQ and My Action Replay will be complete in time for the UK cricket season.

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