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The Future Of Daily Fantasy Sports

Weeks ago, it was discovered that Fantasy Sports Site DraftKings had staff that had been on a steady winning streak playing daily fantasy sports. However, they were playing not on

What the Class of ’92 and Salford City Tell Us About True Fan Engagement

“It brings people together,” said Gary Neville, describing the magic formula that makes a non league football side like Salford City so popular. They certainly do. For a team that

What Rugby can learn from CrossFit

As part of our work with the Rugby World Cup, I was interviewing a load of rugby fans the other day.  I asked them why they used social media, how

MyLocalPitch – increasing grassroots sports participation by modernising the search and booking process

MyLocalPitch was launched in January 2014 by Jamie Foale and Sandford Loudon to enable people to search and book sports venues online. Often the existing process is ponderous so MyLocalPitch

Managing the unpredictable: Severity of Injuries in the Premier League

The Premier League has become one of the most popular football leagues in the world, with a continuously growing global audience. The league features world-class players from every continent, demanding

The Rugby Revolution – the new Rugby YouTube channel with big plans

With football being so well served on the platform with the likes of Copa90, Football Republic, Football Daily and many more fan channels out there, fans are never far from the game. But the same cannot be said about rugby outside of traditional TV.

The Evolution of Sponsorship

For a sporting event that comes around once every four years and with a set of returning top tier partners, one of which has been associated to the tournament for

Has Twitter’s Moment Arrived?

Twitter has always been something of the Stephen Fry of the social media landscape. To some, fascinatingly full of facts and fun. To others, un-relatable and a bit of a

What we can learn about stadium wifi after two Years of CelticLIVE

Amid all the talk about the promise of connected stadia, the UK remains largely uncharted territory in terms of real, working installations. However, there is one fully-functioning, large-scale system that

Football FanCast – a new way of curating fans’ matchday experience

Some people are on the pitch…they think it’s all over….it is now! When Kenneth Wolstenholme uttered this immortal line, a whole nation was rapt, hanging off every word. Watch a