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Dan is the Founder & CEO of Digital Sport. Can be found at sports industry events and heard every week on the Digital Sport Insider podcast. @DanielMcLaren

Athletes & Social Media – Spreading the Word for Sport and Brands

One of my focuses over the past few weeks has been to look into how we can utilise athletes in helping the business with its goals. Here are my thoughts…..

Top Tips on Using Twitter

If you are either a beginner or seasoned user there is now a Twitter guide produced here in the UK

Are you friends with an F1 team?

(Guest post from Mark Martin)

Critics have called F1 too isolated, and questioned why it can’t be more open to the public like the popular American racing series NASCAR. However, this is all changing thanks to social media.

how do you make social media work internationally and locally?

One topic that has been on my mind in recent days has the thought, when working with an international brand, is how do you make social work on both an international and local basis?

Boardroom Battle Turns Into All-Out-War At Liverpool FC (and now its been sold…. or has it?)

I couldnt go to sleep tonight without first putting fingers to keyboard following a quite extraordinary statement released by Liverpool tonight.

Do you know your audience?

When talking to people about their social media plans, most will talk about Facebook and Twitter. Yes, these are the most popular platforms and we are all aware that Facebook has recently topped the 500 million mark. But is this the right audience for you?

5 Steps to Social Media Success

It doesn’t matter if you run a business, football club, international body or pub team. It’s about thinking clearly and understanding why you are doing it. Here are my tips……

How you can follow the 2010 Ryder Cup

The biggest event in the golfing calendar is almost upon us and what better time to have a look in how it will be integrating the latest technology.

Ryder Cup captains ban players from using Twitter

The main news ahead of the Ryder Cup, to be held in Wales this weekend, has been about the players ban on using social media before or during the event.

ECB appoint Social Media agency

The ECB have taken another step in formalising their social media approach by appointing the agency, Modern-English. Will it see massive changes in their strategy?