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Yahoo researchers predict the winner of the EUROs

In a slightly unique digital perspective of the 2016 European Championships, Yahoo researchers have teamed up with Tumblr and Opta to determine the winner of the competition. Starting by analysing

The Special One signs with Yahoo and starts blogging on Tumblr

In a clever move by Yahoo they have brought The Special One into the fans space. By launching a new Tumblr blog for José it means that he will be giving his insights about the Premier League and World Cup

adidas launch new Tumblr website to provide fans with a unique experience of UEFA Euro 2012

Today adidas announced the launch of their official Tumblr football profile which will see the world’s leading football brand use Tumblr’ sponsorship packages to showcase unique content from the world of football, on and off the pitch.

Liverpool’s zen Tumblr blog

With the odd exception, less is more when it comes to social media initiatives. The simpler you can make them more likely people are to engage, it’s why I’ve never been a fan of Facebook apps – permissions tend to get in the way of engagement.

Opening the Doors – the RFU and Tumblr

Do clubs, teams and governing bodies actually have a duty to virtually open the doors of their headquarters? To use social media platforms to improve their transparency and give members more of a say? The RFU think so