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Connecting with People, Not Logos

What do ‘Renegades Write the Rules’ and Undercover Boss USA have to with social media and brand development? Read on to find out!

Having a Social Media Philosophy

This is a subject I have been thinking about sharing for a few days now and been in mind for a lot longer. It can easy to be in work environment and be shaped by what people say you should be doing…and just do it.

Is Sport broken and in need of a fix?

The alleged match fixing charges against Pakistan cricketers which have been dominating the sporting headlines recently raise two interesting questions. Firstly, will there always be match fixing in sport? Secondly, is sport really any different to any other business?

Had a Bad Season? Focus on Customer Retention

Those clubs who have been successful may be developing their marketing strategies to focus on recruiting new fans, growing their membership, increasing their brand reach and improving sales of merchandise. For those at the other end of the spectrum they should be focused on one thing – Customer retention.