SK Telecom to showcase 5g baseball stadium

Earlier this week, SK Telecom announced it will hold a 5G showcase at a South Korean ballpark, setting up a trial network to simulate a future with 5G connectivity and augmented reality.

South Korea’s biggest mobile carrier, SK Telecom will hold the showcase during a three-game series at Incheon SK Happy Dream Park, the home stadium of SK Wyverns from the Korean Baseball Organization. Fans can use the firm’s virtual reality platform “T Real” in order to access real-time stats and data. Simply pointing a smartphone camera at a baseball player on the field, one can see information about the player.

Spectators can also use virtual reality headsets to watch the games in eight different angles, including behind home plate and from the dugout.

Park Ji-hyo, head of SKT’s Network Research & Development Center, told The Korea Herald that SK Telecom is “prepared the 5G stadium to show how services currently hosted by LTE networks with limits can be easily serviced in much bigger capacity via 5G.”

But there’s more. SK Telecom will transmit live-streamed videos from the T5, its 5G connected car, and to the stadium’s video screen for the expected 20,000 fans for each game.

The firm, which hopes to offer 5G network services in South Korea by 2019, also will set up the 5G Adventure Park outside of the stadium. There, fans can use virtual reality to ride hang gliders, submarines and hot air balloons.

“Building the 5G stadium will stimulate demand and the popularization of the 5G network,” Ji-hyo told The Korea Bizwire. “We will make the success of 5G Stadium known internationally, and help South Korea lead the global standard of 5G technology.”

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