New Facebook Page Timelines – whose made the switch?

Yesterday saw the announcement that Facebook has started to roll out the new timelines for pages.  There have been a few brands that have been first to leap on this and showcase some cool image headers.

They include the usual names like Coca Cola, Ford, Nike, Walmart, Burberry, NY Times, Old Spice and Starbucks.  So no great surprises there.  It is an interesting time as not everyone has published their new timelines.  They will be available to everyone automatically from the 30th March and up till then you can decide if it is for you or not.  I’ve had a quick play with UK Sports Network page as well, expect further improvements in the coming weeks!

Manchester United have been one of the first and it looks really good.  On top of the looks they’ve also used the historical timeline as well to help tell the history of the club (as have the IOC with the Olympic Games page).

United’s Commercial director Richard Arnold said: “Manchester United is proud to be one of the first global brands launching a new Facebook page. We are committed to launching innovative digital services that enable our fans to get closer to the club and our new Facebook Page is an exciting example of these efforts.”

“Manchester United has 134 years of history and being able to record those emotive and memorable moments is important to us. The Facebook page enables the club to showcase its history in an engaging way and deepens the direct connection with our family of fans. We hope that our supporters will enjoy the experience of being able to look back over time to relive momentous Manchester United events and their interactions with the club.”

The one surprise was to see which sports had the foresight to try to get on board first.  Here is a selection, let me know if you know of more…

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  1. Justin Kadis
    March 02, 19:49 Reply
    A number of North American sports teams have made the switch including: NFL - San Diego Chargers, New York Jets NBA - Boston Celtics, Milwaukee Bucks, Portland Trail Blazers NHL - New Jersey Devils I'm sure there are more!
  2. Matt Owen
    March 01, 15:10 Reply
    Hi Daniel. LFC has also switched: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Look forward to meeting up at Fanographie Cheers Matt
    • Dan Mclaren
      March 06, 22:12 Reply
      cheers Matt. Looking forward to seeing you at the event later this month, has been too long! great work on the LFC page too, looking good.
  3. Surrey Storm
    March 01, 14:33 Reply
    Surrey Storm Netball: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
    • Dan Mclaren
      March 06, 22:13 Reply
      nice one guys, your quicker to jump on board than many brands!
  4. Andy Walker
    March 01, 14:30 Reply
    Hi Daniel, you won't have to wait until the end of the month to upgrade. If you click 'publish' then the new timeline look will come live for your Facebook page right away.
    • Dan Mclaren
      March 01, 22:18 Reply
      thanks Andy, have changed the UKSN page now too. a little rushed in my writing there I feel! look forward to seeing the BCFC one up soon :)

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