Your Digital Sport Morning Briefing: Tuesday 28th Nov

This is the first in what is hopefully a long daily series where I put together and share a list of articles I’ve been reading. Providing a filter for you so you can save time and get an overview of what’s happening in the world of ‘digital sport’.

Top 5 Sports Industry Digital Trends in 2017

If you’re after a great wrap up of what has been grabbing the headlines in our industry then look no further than this on Sport Business Institute Barcelona’s site . Stephen Bourke is someone I met at this year’s UK edition of the SEAT Conference and I have been trying to keep up to date with his thoughts ever since. It’s a great list that includes thoughts on globalization, digital transformation and, of course, esports.

Formula One changes logo for new-look future

One of the big talking points has been the news that Formula One, fresh off the back of the final Grand Prix of the season in Abu Dhabi, has undergone a bit of a rebrand. It’s meant to appeal to new fans and also represent some of the history of the sport. As their first ever Director of Marketing, Ellie Norman puts it; “Our ambition is to be recognized as a global media entertainment brand, so this is a huge moment for us where we can pivot away from where we’ve been in the past and propel the brand forward to really start to connect with and talk to this broader audience.”

Though the driuvers didn’t appear to share their excitement when it was unveiled. Lewis Hamilton saying;

“I think the one that we already had was an iconic logo, just imagine Ferrari changing their logo, or Mercedes changing their logo. I don’t think the new one is as iconic but maybe it will grow on us.”

Lots of people covering it including; Fast Company, ReutersThe Drive and many others.

Football documentaries: fly-on-the-wall or fly in the ointment?

A good friend to this site is Richard Clarke (or MrRichardClarke as you may know him better by). He always brings a different perspective to some of the madness that surrounds us and provides us an opportunity to think about what we’re doing. In a time when teams are signing up to the latest in vogue platform, he provides an insider’s perspective from his time at Arsenal running their media team. If you’re interested in OTT, or just want a good read, then take 5 minutes for this.

Sports industry ‘undergoing more disruption than ever’, says PwC report

Another source for an interesting wrap up (yes, it’s getting to that time of year when we all write about the year that was) is the PwC Annual Sports Survey. Much as the first read in this quick series of links, it attempts to highlight the main areas of interest for our industry. But then takes it to another level through its survey information from 189 ‘sports industry stakeholders’ (I have no idea who they are either). There’s interesting talk about the usual suspects of OTT, esports, Facebook, ever evolving consumption habits and the rich getting even richer.

Tomorrow I’ll share with you more articles/news that have caught my attention and think worthy of the small moments of time you have during the day. If you spot any that you think I should be reading, but might have missed, let me know on @danielmclaren. See you in the morning!


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