Umbro gives French fans a novel way to be involved in jersey design

Last October, the football equipment supplier Umbro launched a new kind of fan engagement activation in France: Official Fan Jerseys.

As part of this campaign, fans of FC Nantes, SM Caen (Ligue 1) and RC Lens (Ligue 2) got the chance to send their own creative jersey ideas to Umbro France’s Snapchat account.

“FC Nantes fans, it’s now time to show your creativity. Send your idears on Snapchat from 11am!”

Two months later, after getting pictures from fans, Umbro’s teams designed jerseys taking into account fans’ whishes.

FC Nantes, SM Caen and RC Lens fans were given nostalgic inspiration with designgs harking back to the 90s. That was notable for for Nantes and Lens, as these jerseys bore a ressemblance to those worn by both clubs won they won French league in that period, in 1995 and 1998 respectively.

Produced and sold in limilted edition, these collectors jerseys have been worn by each team during one game before the end of calendar year.

“The RC Lens collector jersey is now available in your store”

“Fans Official Jersey is ready to be worn!”

“As expected, SM Caen will play to night with fans jersey”

This activation from the English footall equipement supplier is a great way to give fans a voice, allowing them to be a main factor in the club’s actions. A creative platform like Snapchat is also a good place to get engagement from active fans and to facilitate the design work.

The Fans Official Jersey is a new example of one fact about fan engagement: the more fans are included in club’s life and decisions, the higher their engagement will be as they feel close to their club.

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