UFC Europe posts impressive 2017 engagement results on social media

2017 was a big year for UFC.

It may not have been a breakout year, and the sport has certainly been popular a lot longer than just one turn of the calendar, but until this year, we might not have seen it gain such mainstream attention.

The clear and obvious highlight, though, didn’t even take place in an octagon at all.

When Conor McGregor fought Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring, it was one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting moments of the year, and in many ways it put UFC in front of an audience who may never have paid much interest in it before. And yet, the sport’s core audience is one of the most engaged and passionate around.

This week, UFC Europe released some of its 2017 social media figures to the public, showing just how well followed the sport is on the continent.

Across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, @UFCEurope’s numbers were impressive:

Over 4 million fans, over 356 million video views and over a million comments and shares has left UFC with a massive audience and, what’s more important, an engaged audience on social media. All in all, @UFCEurope – that is, just the European arm of what is already a global phenomenon – counted well over 14 million total engagement points across the calendar year, whilst all of the figures shown were organic.

It’s impressive stuff.

Peter Stringer, VP of Social Media, UFC said, “Social media has been a priority at the UFC for many years, thanks to the passion of our fan base and commitment of our athletes. Breakout stars have elevated mixed martial arts to another level and this is shown in our ever-growing fan base on social media around the globe.”

“The 2017 social media figures we are seeing here are really a testament to the growth of the sport across Europe and the enthusiasm of fans worldwide. This trend will only continue as the UFC celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2018.”

2017 wasn’t a year when a new sport came onto the scene, but it may have been a year where UFC took a more prominent role in the sporting consciousness. But with numbers like those above, such a fervent audience will only be left wanting more in 2018.
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