This week on social: AS Roma, England and a marketing fail

Summer’s here so it’s silly season. With no top level games until the World Cup starts in just under two weeks’ time, there’s not a lot to keep hungry football fans occupied.

One tabloid newspaper in particular has attempted to dismantle a player’s reputation in order to fill the void. It’s an ugly affair reminiscent of the sort of compulsive self-indulgence with which a teenage boy might spend his summer holiday.

Mercifully, the internet provides the rest of us with greater pleasures.

The Good

England’s Twitter account is jam-packed with treats for Three Lions fans. From training snaps to press conference videos, everything you’d expect to be there is catered for.

But it’s the miscellany they’ve done well this week.

The ‘set-piece’ squad announcement video (in the sense that they had plenty of time to prepare for it) was a hit and deservedly so. But when Marcus Rashford took a ball for a walk through the training ground car park we’re just grateful the cameras were rolling!

“We wouldn’t normally post a video this long,” is a useful sentiment for sharing three minutes of a man doing keepy-ups, but sometimes rules are there to be broken – and some things just have to be seen to be believed!

The Bad

“It’s World Cup time, quick! Think of a gimmick!”

“What about donating food to starving kids, can’t go wrong there!”

Well, so you’d think….

You might have just saved that penalty to take your team through to the World Cup final, goalie, but you’ve just cost a hungry child a meal. Unsurprising, really, you’ve always been a bit of a selfish one.

The Crazy

If this were a high school end of year awards, AS Roma EN would be voted ‘most likely to go viral’.

Eager as we are to see how they approach transfer videos this year after the madness of last summer, the Italian giants’ first signing of the summer arrived. And the announcement was both cryptic yet entirely obvious: do we really have to go through all of that again this year?!

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