The League of Legends Championship locations for the next three years have been released

Riot Games has announced the host regions of the next three League of Legends World Championships.

In 2019, the championship will be in Paris at the AccorHotels Arena, which can hold up to 20,000 people. For the 10th anniversary in 2020, it will be in China, and in 2021, it will be held in North America.

In press release, Riot stated that, “We want to ensure that our event experiences are among the best in sports. By creating more lead time for our major global event planning cycles, we will provide fans, players, teams, and partners with more time to plan ahead as well. We believe that this an important step that will help unlock more value for everyone that participates in our events around the world.”

Time to plan is definitely a help to the event organisers, but it will be especially beneficial for the fans. In 2017, the opening ceremony for the Legend World Championship was praised by many for including a CGI dragon in the live performance.

As the event gains more fans and more viewers, Riot will need to adapt to their changing needs The 2017 finals accumulated 56.7 million unique viewers, which broke their record of 45 million in 2016. Over the next few years, we can only expect those numbers to rise even further, and when they have more viewers to account for people will need more time to plan for the League World Championships more meticulously.

So, while it may have been a surprise that Riot released the locations of the future championships so early (especially since they usually wait until a few months before the event), it makes sense that they would want to allow anyone who might be involved the time to figure out the logistics ahead of time.

The 2018 League of Legends World Championship final is this Saturday, November 3rd, where Fnatic and Invictus Gaming will battle it out for the win. Tune in here!

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