The Athletic team up with These Football Times in exclusive content partnership

The Athletic made a huge noise as they crossed the Atlantic Ocean and entered the UK market, bringing their subscription-based model of football writing to the country in which the sport was invented.

This move to the UK saw them acquire some of the best football writers and reporters in the country, if not the world. Oliver Kay, David Ornstein, Amy Lawrence and Michael Cox are just a handful names from a pool of talented and experienced individuals who are on hand to provide top insight, analysis, news and exclusives all centred around the world of football.

The company are still only a few months into their journey but so far, The Athletic has been hard to avoid, especially if you’ve made the commitment to a subscription. Notifications are always filtering through via the app about their latest articles and live discussions, and their journalists have been very active on social media to promote their’s and their colleague’s work.

Their use of digital has been fascinating and inspired. Perhaps not the first to do it, but they’ve regularly provided their readers will the latest stories and tried to encourage engagement via live discussion with their journalists, making the most of the power of digital and the capabilities of apps these days.

If this wasn’t enough, to add to their rich content already making waves in the industry, The Athletic have teamed up with These Football Times, an online and printed magazine that look at the greatest stories in football in bring them back to life through fantastic story-telling, thorough research, along with vibrant and engaging imagery at a price nobody can argue with.

These Football Times announced their most recent magazine at the beginning of September with the Barcelona edition, looking at the legends and legacies of one of the world’s greatest football clubs, with articles from this work already appearing on The Athletic.

Printed content isn’t a strand that The Athletic engages in, so it’s fantastic to see a partnership formed with These Football Times, who capture football culture and history in their writing so well. The deal will see TFT get articles from their magazine published on the American-based website, therefore adding more rich content to their site, but also giving serious exposure to TFT above the 43k followers they already have on Twitter.

These are two publishers who value their content’s quality and deliver pieces with immense depth and understanding, and now they’re choosing to partner together, which can only be a good thing. As stated above, some articles from the Barcelona magazine are already starting to appear on the black and white of their new partners and it’s superb that articles of this calibre are being shared across multiple platforms of this magnitude.

For the consumer, you’re now getting more than you first bargained for when agreeing the online subscription. Access to football history and an increase in writers to discover is on offer, and it remains to be seen how The Athletic can work in collaboration with TFT to provide truly exclusive and innovative content together. This is a deal that can make the most of the publishers’ digital platforms and see more great writing appearing more frequently in front of those who want to digest it all.

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