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Digital Sport Morning Briefing: Monday 18th December

It’s the start of the final week before Christmas, but the work does not stop and neither does the news on digital sport. Here are a few of the articles

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Are Sky and the EFL teaming up to future-proof their output?

This week, big news broke about the future of live-streaming and sports broadcasting in the UK, with the revelation that Sky Sports and the EFL will stream midweek games from

Amazon secures tennis in first major live sports deal outside of US

Amazon will be the ‘Prime’ destination for tennis fans from 2018 when the current deal with Sky comes to end according to The Guardian. In its first sports move outside

Could the Premier League ever ditch broadcasters and stream live games itself?

As the Premier League media rights bidding process heats up, could rights holders ever ditch the broadcasters and sell their product themselves?

Why is sport lagging behind other industries on piracy?

One of the most pressing issues that the biggest sporting events – and mostly Premier League football – have to worry about is piracy. Illegal streaming isn’t just something that

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Twitter cements its place as the home of breaking sports news with partnership with Sky

Twitter knows its niche. It is the home of breaking news, and perhaps above all other types, the home of football news too. The social media platform’s strategy is reasonably

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Take off for Drone Racing as Sky invest $1m

Sky has announced an investment of $1m to deliver live drone racing to its UK viewers. The broadcaster’s partnership with the Drone Racing League (DRL) will include ten one-hour episodes on

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Twitter’s deal to show Premier League goals isn’t a game changer – but it could be

Last week, Twitter announced that Sky Sports would be able to broadcast goals and action from 126 live Premier League games being shown on Sky over the 2016/17 Premier League

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Digital Sport’s Weekly Wash-Up 17/06/2016

Sky to air 24 hour eSports channel Sky is set to launch a 24 hour eSports channel as part of its service to capitalise on the skyrocketing popularity of the

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What can make traditional broadcasters relevant again?

Ok, ok, so the title may be a little harsh. But regardless of your viewpoint on the broadcaster/agency/digital platform paradigm, there’s no denying that traditional broadcasters are on a collision